We believe that God exists and always has existed as one God in three persons in perfect community. Since every human is created in the image of God we are all created for community as well. Our need for community is built into us and we are called to live in it as a way to reflect the image of God.
When sin entered the world we were taken out of perfect communion with God and with each other causing lonliness, pain, abuse, and more. But, through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ who left the perfect community of heaven to reconcile us to God we are able to seek to reconcile that broken community with one another.
Many people view church as a place we go to on Sunday mornings and while that is an important part of a Christian's walk it is not all we are created for. The church is referred to as a body in the Bible where all the parts are interconnected and different, but all necessary.
In the same way, the church body must care for the injured members of the body and encourage one another to grow more like Jesus Christ as we go on mission together as a collective, yet scattered, body throughout the week.
Every week, small groups in the Middletown and surrounding areas called Community Groups meet together for fellowship, care, accountability, and study. These small pockets of community are the primary means of discipleship for us and are an essential part of our mission.
These groups aren't about people who have it all together. If you're new this is exactly the place to belong, ask questions, and wrestle with your faith while you eat, pray, laugh, learn, struggle, and serve together as we are transformed by the grace of God.